Art-a-Whirl 2015

It's always interesting how different installations affect the speech that's recorded. For Art-a-Whirl this year, the FSM was set  up in a location where it was "unsupervised", though signage explained how it worked an suggested some potential topics. There is quite a variety of styles of interaction, including what seem to be some revivals of Dadaist poetry.





bushCon - rounding out the day

The final batch of speeches from bushConnect. Many thanks to all who shared their stories, ideas and experiences. It was truly an inspiring day.


bushCon - the hits keep coming!

We ended up with over two hours of audio from our day at bushConnect - that's an amazing amount, but no less than one would expect from that sort of gathering of minds. We've broken it into bite-sized chunks, usually with two to three speakers in each file. Enjoy!


bushCon - always more to say

A second batch of files from bushConnect. We expected this to be a crowd with a lot to say, and they didn't disappoint.


bushCon - a first look

Here are files from the first part of the day at bushConnect. It took people a little time to get warmed up, but once they were, they kept on rolling.